GPS Tracking by GPS Tracking Specialists, LLC (GTS)

GPS Tracking Specialists brings you Real-Time GPS Tracking for safety and accountability.

Use the GTS-WebCore service to locate and track all the things that are important to you including teen drivers, family members, employees, fleets, equipment and shipments. Our easy to use on-line interface makes it simple for you to manage various tasks from setting up speed alerts notifications to geofence boundaries with messages sent directly to your mobile phone!

The GTS-WebCore is also very flexible too having a wide variety of features and option sets to gives you complete control and the ability expand by add more tracking devices on the fly!

Your Web-based GPS asset tracking solution can be used to track your mobile assets – including cars, trucks, watercraft, aircraft, personnel and more. It gives you feature-rich GPS tracking in a flexible and powerful package.

With your GPS tracking solution, you can:
  • Locate all of your mobile assets in real time 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Monitor vehicle whereabouts, speeding and unauthorized use
  • Keep historical data on movements and locations
  • Improve efficiency of your mobile operations
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance and insurance costs by controlling abuse and recklessness
  • Built-in panic buttons on many GPS tracking devices enable your employees to send an instant call for help
  • Highly configurable alerts come in five different levels of severity, and can also play sounds
  • Alert pop-ups work throughout the system, not just on the tracking screen
  • Alert log shows you a history of all alerts and who generated them, so you never miss anything
  • Alerts can also inform you when workers stray outside of a designated area

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